SAP in 7 Hours Master Class for Managers & Students






All courses offered are SAP Certified and a SAP Certificate will be issued on completion.



Change Management 101
Dr H B Prinsloo

Matric Exams are over ... Now What?

Why not enroll to study SAP in 7 hours and start your career ahead of the pack?

The aim of the course is to provide an insight into SAP certification and knowledge of career opportunities in the digital economy which will become relevant and necessary upon completion of the certification process.

SAP Africa says:  “Deciding on what course to study after matric is filled with uncertainty. The SAP in 7 Hours course has been designed to stimulate an interest in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).  Through various education-based initiatives driven by SAP Africa, we believe that this bridging course will help address some of the skills shortage in identified in this critical sector. The Digital Economy requires a particular set of skilled professionals who understand the broader business landscape. Many professions in the digital economy are fast becoming and as such creating great career opportunities for qualified professionals with the right basic technology knowledge.”

Dr HB Prinsloo said:  “Most matriculants in South Africa find it difficult to become employable or enter the job market due to the gap between skills supply and demands. This is largely attributed to the fact that school does not adequately prepare students for the labour market. Training, even at tertiary level is often mostly theoretical, and students face an immense challenge in translating theoretical knowledge into practical action. This course has been structured in such a way that it provides learners with an overview of SAP software and functionalities in a practical, user-friendly manner.”

The course is available in classroom and online, the classroom is limited to 25 students per class and will be held at SAP Africa’s Woodmead office. There are plans to expand the course throughout the continent in over 17 countries through Dr HB Prinsloo Consulting affiliates..

Course Brochure
Student Booking Form

SAP in 7 Hours course outline:

  • How SAP Thinks
  • How to find any transaction or standard report in SAP in under 5 minutes
  • How to customise reports’ information to the required format
  • How to schedule reports in SAP and automatically get them emailed to you on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • How to effectively manage your staff within the SAP system
  • Generate and access key reports and transactions

Who qualifies?

Bona fide matriculants and students
(between 17 and 26 years of age)


14 November 2015;
12 December 2015;
10 January 2016;
21 February 2016

Venue: SAP Africa, Woodmead

Cost: R2 500 per person

How to register: 

Download and complete the booking form and send it to

Remember to indicate that you are a student or matriculant by attaching relevant proof (an ID or Student Card) to your course enrollment form to qualify for the discount). 

Space is limited to 25 people per class


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